The website for Florida East Coast Industries was in need of a facelift, but more importantly to redefine how it wanted to approach their users. I begun by looking at the current function and framework of all pages. All content was broken apart through different pages, and most of them leading to dead-ends.

After analyzing it, I saw that first the content itself would need to be consolidated to minimize the amount of pages the user should visit. Second, each page would now give way to another page via links, in order to maintain a flow. After this was worked out and optimized, I now needed to design a wire-frame and possible layouts to plug in the information in a more efficient manner.

As I designed each low fidelity mock up, I noticed that the website also plugged in a lot of information for the sake of adding it, rather than creating with purpose. The pages dedicated to each of its subsidiaries functioned more like brochures, so I thought of creating a single page for all subsidiaries introducing them as part of a portfolio of investments which the use could see right away and visit if they were interested in them.


Once these issues were resolved I moved on to creating the new look for the website which would focus more on a more robust updated look versus the corporate layout it had before, this time focusing on the desktop and mobile version as well.

In the end the result became an efficient and direct adaptation of the previous website, which provided a much easier experience for its users and that reflected a modern look for the company.