Digital Art

Drawing has always been a wonderful creative output in my life. It has allowed me to focus and think of the details in my work, which have translated to other mediums and disciplines.

I'm always intrigued with crowds and the way they congregate, in  the picture on the left I wanted to focus on the stories of each particular person. On the right I wanted to play with subtle colors and the contrast by different lighting.

The picture above was submitted during a small contest and collection for an on-line publication.

These illustrations were done through out the better art of last year. Each with a focus on both texture and a high density of detail in others. The overall idea was to set up a tone or different emotion the viewer could engage with as soon as they looked on.

The dragon was the start of a series of drawing with  different animals in similar adornments, mainly influenced by eastern cultures.

Thundercats was for fun :)