Datapro is a company with a logo and a mission statement. Outside of that, there was no branded image to promote their software or to convey who they were. Each item would be handed in a store bought cd sleeve, and the brochures were costly and outdated high end booklets with inserts that could be easily lost or discarded.

 So during my time with them, I decided to take the essentials and whatever branded elements were there, and build outwards. The result was a modern and updated look that could stand out in their respective tech industry that could demonstrate the legacy of Datapro as one of the top developers in Latin America.

The re-design of their brochures were to consolidate all inserts and booklets into one single entity. Focusing on a more direct explanation of their products and services rather than listing them, in order to give their potential clients the necessary info they need and to draw them in to engaging with the sales team. Other collaterals also saw a re-design such as the CD sleeves and covers housing their software, and the design of a CD box to store the entire suite of products.